Friday, 26 November 2010

ELF Glitter Glam

This is a new(ish) polish. At these prices ELF don't have glossy marketing campaigns. You just check the website from time to time and find new stuff. They just had a good sale and I got some freakily decent bits'n'pieces.

The little finger has 3 coats. The others have a coat of Barielle Aura Angora as a base because it looked as if it'd be as thin as Oliver Twist's gruel but it really wasn't. I like this. It dries very matte so I top-coated all except the ring finger. I'm in a very gold frame of mind at present. Odd. Because we get a lot of magpies. Usually five - for silver - or seven - for a secret never to be told. But never six for gold.

If you can't rely on the magpies then on whom CAN you rely?

Oh, ELF. If you're listening - you owe me a laser sight-restoration operation. The font on the base of the bottles is about 0.07. How am I supposed to read that?



  1. Great minds... A whole heap of ELF stuff just came back into stock (Matte finisher and Cranberry polish, I'm looking at you!) so I just HAD to succumb to an order! ;)

    p0lished x

  2. Wonder what it is about these cold mornings that make us want to crack open the glitter? I've lined my eyes with pink glitter gel liner today. I don't own glitter polish and like yours a lot. xxx

  3. Yeah, ELF!!!
    No glitter polish? What? Can you be serious, Vix???

  4. I think I need some elf in the new year... run out of space now, need my helmer asap!!

  5. A lovely polish, I only just discovered elf I didn't realise they did so much different stuff.