Monday, 22 November 2010

Barielle Gelt me to the Party

I do find I get bad tipwear on Barielle (as you can see). Typically takes less than a day to develop. Not chips you understand. That's a huge no-no. But I still like their colours so I'm sticking by them.

With an accent of Accessorize Gold Dust. I thought that this would be a streaky mess but I rather like it. Not saying it suits me but I like it nonetheless.

I'm awaiting a bundle from BB Couture with no great patience. Also coming my way from the US is my cousin and her husband from Philly. Well, they fly out tomorrow/Wednesday. I warned them to expect cold weather. I think they know what that's like in PA.

I apologise for stating that Barielle was a British brand a few posts back. I should have known!



  1. Looks great!

    Lol I'm waiting for a parcel too, from Sleek. It's been eleven days now :P

  2. Eleven days. That's not good. Mind you, didn't they have problems with the website???

  3. My dear Mum loved gold polish, her favourite was a gorgeous No 7 that looked just like that one. Classy shade.
    Cheers for the lovely comment. Unlike most folks my clothing gets shorter in the winter. xxx

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