Sunday, 7 November 2010

Quickie post - Missguided

Really pretty bottles and packaging.

Proper chunky caps. The freebie with Cosmo doesn't have the square top.

The nude looks good. As does the berry-red.

World's lamest link to the next pic. BERRY red.

These are so not her colours IMHO. What were Revlon thinking? She's beautiful and they stitched her up like a kipper. Bit of a mixed metaphor going on there but .....

What kind of a model could/would you be?

  • Catwalk
  • Nail/hand
  • Eye
  • Lip
  • Foot
  • Glamour
  • Catalogue
  • None of the above
I know someone who was a hand model aeons ago. 


  1. so annoying about those cosmo ones.. I dont get any free gifts :( boo!!

    I have done glamour modelling... wish I was err 5 inches taller so I could do proper modellin!! lol

    deffo not a hand model..haha.. I have bent wonky middle fingers!!!

  2. You have done glamour modelling, Rebekah! Gosh. Spill!

  3. They look great, esp the berry red. The packaging is very pretty too!

    I couldn't be a model, apart from the obvious reasons, I have a serious problem posing for pictures. Most people can just stand and smile and look good. I can either look bored or slightly psychotic. Neither are good looks! :P

  4. Bored and psychotic are both fairly commonly seen on models. That's what I thought anyway!

  5. the bottles and packaging are pretty.. :D
    I don't think I could be a model. Like Rebekah I wish I was 5 or more inches taller! I'm short. hahaha! :D


  6. Catwalk definitely for me :)

    I agree the bottle are great but the AD stinks!