Saturday, 13 November 2010

Missguided Missdemeanor

I have the whole range of Missguided. 6 in all.
The brown/gold/black is a great polish. Almost a single-coater.
Same goes for this.

It's not the most exciting colour in the nailiverse for sure.
But it went on beautifully and it suits me.
Very glossy but I always put a TC on anyway.

I'll jazz it up tomorrow with a something or other.

I'm waiting for more Accessorize and BB Couture in the post.
You got any goodies on order?
And how much Christmas online shopping do you do?
A Nearly everything I get online.
B Some.
C I need to see it and I prefer old-skool shopping.



  1. This reminds me a bit of China Glaze Heli-Yum.

    Only thing I'm waiting on is Zoya.

  2. I never wear pink nails but looking at yours I could be tempted.
    Xmas shopping, what's that? I've got less than three weeks before I go away and I haven't got anything. Definately old skool shopping or hand-made for me. xxx

  3. It's more of a cherry colour IRL.

  4. It's a pretty cherry/pink, it really suits you. Stop tempting me with pretty colours! I have nothing in the mail at the moment, it feels weird and wrong :P