Wednesday, 10 November 2010

OPI Pamplona Midnight (sounds better than Merry Purple)

Started with 2 coats (should have been 3) of Pamplona Purple.
Then ring finger had 1 coat Merry Midnight.
Middle had 2 and index 3.

So it's a very subtle (boring/ineffective) gradient.
The idea was to layer MM over something and thus reduce the amount of MM I used (it being more sheer than I'd imagined).
But I ended up with 5 coats of polish on one finger! Hope it dries.

I'm purple-potty at present. A few months ago I thought I was permanently off purple and nearly cleared my stash of purple. Glad I didn't.

Is there one colour you can live without/never bother with or even outright HATE?



  1. Now you know I love purple!
    I loathe beige, nude or anything wishy-washy, that's makeup, nail varnish, house paint or clothing. xxx

  2. OK, Vix. Where d'you stand on CAMEL???

  3. Nooooo! Camel's just posh beige unless you mean the animal, in which case it's a big YES, nice eyelashes, dreadful manners. xxx

  4. These polishes go so well together!

    I am not overly fond of yellow but have been feeling more kindly toward it lately; it has its place.