Thursday, 4 November 2010

OPI Barefoot in Barcelona

One of the polishes I got for £4 from the asos sale.
Yet another nude. But I love 'em. Who'd have thought?

2 coats. Easy as an easy-thing. (Did I say Katie Price? No, that's in YOUR head.)

Next, please.

Name that (those) polish(es).
I did actually pay pretty near RRP for these but I'm trying to call a halt to polish=purchasing. Hey, I gave up smoking and drinking. How hard can this be?
So, yeah, guess the names of the polishes.

The next trio is my penultimate score. I'm waiting for my Missguided haul and then that's it. Nada. Nothing. No. Put a lid on it. Enough already.

Purple Dream Illusion, Bronze Illusion and Pin-Up Rock Star.
I'm pretty sure the pink one didn't look like that on the website so let's hope it has hidden depths. Hmmm. And the Bronze looks a lot like Aztec and the PD looks remarkably like Ruby Sparkle. More hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Longer and louder and with great suspicion this time.



  1. hmmm let's see...if that opi ds sapphire and opi my private jet?

  2. What a great name, Barefoot In

  3. Very nice nude and such a lovely name for it. :)