Tuesday, 16 November 2010

China Glaze Ingrid

Not the worst pic.
It shows the gold shimmer/glimmer.
I am loving browns at the moment.

2 coats and 3 wouldn't harm or hinder.
Got Accessorize Bronze on the other hand and that's quite some polish. I need a healthy dose of daylight to capture that as it's a duochrome. Or maybe a DUOCHROME!!!

Oh, well. Off to work. Up the M5/M6 today for a course in Wolvo. Will stuff myself on the free lunch and then go to visit daughter and grandson on the way home. Thank goodness for satnav. Last time I got thoroughly lost in the wilds of Willenhall. Eek!



  1. I just grabbed this color, very pretty!

  2. Lush colour! Looks great on you.

    Have fun at work lol. Free lunch is always a plus I believe.

  3. i do love the brown. like cadbury chocolates! my nails are a bit grimy. i am too crafty to have nice nails. the sun will come out tomorrow. showtune for today!

  4. This is a lovely brown, I really like that gold shimmer. Ahh, free lunches, the only good reason to go on courses! Have fun :)

  5. Brown is good. Lunch is good. Comments are good.

  6. Dammit. I switched this for Jitterbug in a recent online order and wish I didn't. Jitterbug is nice, but I wanted more :( This is perfect!

  7. mmm - this is pretty. Hope you enjoyed Wolvo!