Thursday, 25 November 2010

Missguided MissUnderstood

This is really a blood-red. Yummy! Darker than it appears below therefore.

I do like the Missguided polishes.
There's always a BUT though, is there not?

In this instance it's the brush. More stray hairs than a porcupine's posterior. What a mess it made. I had to do clean-up and I never do clean-up any more. Crossness incarnate. Or would have been if I let myself get stressed about such trivial matters.

Which set me to thinking.
Why do we have a brush for every bottle of polish? WHY? It's madness. Why not buy one brush that suits us and clean it after each use?
Bottles would be easier to store without big handles. Cheaper to manufacture/package/transport.
Why the crazy nail-polish-brush waste of resources?

What do you think? Have your own personal polish-brush. Polishes to come without brush as standard.



  1. Very nice red and I love that fairy dust.
    I don't prefer any brush in particular, but if you get a rubbish brush it is very annoying! Maybe it would be easier to have separate brushes, you should sell the idea! :)

  2. Thanks, Gem. It is a brilliant idea and so modest I am.