Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Suzi says You'll need a Private Jet to get to my Midnight Coronation

And your problem with that is?????
I mean, what's wrong with that as a polish name?

  • Got OPI DS Coronation on already for a coupla days.
  • Had a loooooooong day culminating in a semi-staff meeting on grandmothers and egg-sucking or some such.
  • Got home and wanted to try My Private Jet and Merry Midnight. So I did. Over Coronation.
  • I have learned the following:
  1. Coronation ain't very holo. I have Marks & Spencer for less money that's more holo but now I have an OPI DS so that's one box ticked.
  2. I DO love Merry Midnight as I hoped I would.
  3. This version of Jet isn't at all holo.
Er, Barielle have a 20% off sale. Plus it's BOGOF on the autumn and winter polishes. Downside is their P&P. £3.95 standard so you have to order a minimum of 4 polishes for it to be worth it. In MY nailiverse that's a lot. And I can't find 4 polishes .............yet. Give me time. I ordered 5 BB Couture yesterday despite vowing not to buy any more polishes.

Shoot me now. But my nail habit keeps people in jobs, right?



  1. Merry Midnight is lovely, I really like it!
    I'm a sucker for offers, just think you are supporting the economy! :D

  2. Thanks, Gemx. Affirmation. Love it!

  3. yes, that's a good way to think of it, you are helping people keep their jobs by continually buying polish! =)

  4. woohoo for jobs! postmen and nail polish makers you are a true patron! :)

  5. Yes, yes. The Post Office. I had forgotten the Post Office!