Monday, 1 November 2010

Accessorize Ruby Sparkle and FREE P&P

I have no rubies. But I'm pretty sure they are not the colour of the sparkles in this bottle.
It matters not.

I put a meagre coat of aforesaid Ruby Sparkle over Accessorize Aztec and got ...fireworks!

Come on. £4 to pep up a slightly tired mani in pyrotechnic fashion. That's not too shabby.

And they've free P&P for a few days. I have been very impressed by these and consequently my wallet has slipped open as if of its own volition and the result has been (or strictly speaking, is ABOUT to be) immediate impoverishment.

To be honest I have memorised my card details. I don't need the physical card to shop online. 16 digit number, expiry date, security code. No problem. All in my head.

What numbers do you know by heart? Quiz time!

1 your credit card (or debit card)
2 your own mobile
3 doctor's number
4 work number
5 National Insurance (I know mine)
6 vet's number
7 bank account number and sort-code
8 at least one other mobile number

I know all except 3 because it's changed to some silly 0845 thing and I hate going to the doctor anyway plus it has a lengthy and boring menu.



  1. Am I picking up green in that fab polish? I love it.
    I swear that despite being supposedly intelligent I am unable to remember numbers. I know my landline, my house number and that's it. Apparently there is a medical term, I always assumed I was dim. xxx

  2. just my mobile, family's mobile.. kinda for my bf's mobile... home number... Identification number... hmmm. im lousy! lol.

  3. Oh no, I have my card details memorised too, it is sooo not a good thing is it!! Only one I do not know from these is my National Insurance no (what do you even need it for anyway!!)

  4. Dyscalculia? That's the maths version of dyslexia.

    I'm a bit geeky. I like maths and statistics.

  5. Wow sparkly purpletastic! I need to get me some of this, it's lovely. :)
    I know all my bank details, but apart from that I'm useless. Although I remember rubbish things, like my old staff numbers, nothing of use. I need a secretary for my brain! :p

  6. Secretaries for the brain! Tee hee. But they'd know all your secrets!

  7. Oooh, pretty colors!

    I don't know my doctor's number either; my health insurance rather encourages me to not call or see her anymore than absolutely necessary. I have no pets right now, so no vet. I don't know my bank account number but do know my library card number (useful for renewing/reserving books online).