Friday, 5 November 2010

Nubar 2010

Layered over the Missguided freebie. The one from Cosmo - not the one in the photo. That's Misschievous. (You see what they did there?)
This really shows the orange/gold aspect of the flakies.

And then over OPI Barefoot In Barcelona.

Look at the bottle! The Nubar shows green/orange/red over paler polishes like this.

I have GOSH Rainbow too and they are analogues. Nubar is more expensive but nail-polish-ownership has as much to do with availability and supply as it does with demand. So Nubar may be ten a penny in ....Sumatra. And GOSH isn't sold in................Timbuktu.

I now have all 6 Missguided polishes. They are beautifully packaged/presented.

Oh, yes. Mischievous. That's the correct spelling btw.
There seems to have arisen a misconception that this may be pronounced mis-CHEE-VEE-us.
No, it's MIS-chiv-us. No debate. No negotiation. Wherever in the Anglophone world you may be it's....what I just said.



  1. I love how it makes every color, better :)

  2. Totally agree with your pronounciation. I may be a Yam-Yam but it's mis-chiv-us all the way.
    Very opulent looking polish. Have a fab weekend. We've got the Feliway plugged in to calm down the cats, it sounds like the Blitz out there what with Diwali and Guy Fawkes. xxx

  3. I love the shiny flaky polish, I didn't realise it would look really good over neutral/pale colours too. :)

  4. Gorgeous polish, I was going to say it is really similar to GOSH-Rainbow which I LOVE!! :)

  5. do you dare me to convert to mis - chuv-us. i will have to work on that one. that polish is on the dark side of the moon baby! love it! power to the polish!

  6. I adore Nubar 2010! tried it over both a baby pink and navy and it's always gorgeous. Great blog btw :).