Sunday, 1 May 2011

2true Fast Dry Shade 2

Another splendid 2 coat polish. And they do dry quickly.

Chew me up and spit me out but what's not to like with this 2true range? These guys are a major find for me. If you can't find 3 of the 9 available shades to spend a fiver on at Superdrug then you might just as well hang up your cuticle clippers for good.



  1. How colour accurate is this photo? If it's really that dark, I don't need it (already have two identical shades) if it's lighter, then I could use it and not have a dupe or three in my collection.

  2. yay this is the post i've been waiting for. after all that though, i prefer the colour in the bottle but i still it's a great shade to have for nail art and stuff xx

  3. These look like a great bargain! Lovely blue :)

  4. Lena, my eye isn't good. Go see it in the shop.

    liloo, it's worth getting on price/quality alone.

    Bargains, Gem, you gotta love them.

  5. Great colour and what's not to love about bargain polishes!