Monday, 16 May 2011

2true Fast Dry Shade 9

This is unfair in a way because the bubbling is due entirely to me using the wrong product as topcoat. It mucked up my other hand too which sports a different polish. Totally my fault.

Big sorry to 2true because this is another great polish - 2 coats and you're done. The accent nail is Pop Beauty Twinkle which is a bottle of liquid joy.

Is anyone else suffering dry skin at the moment? I think I may have been neglecting my hand-care regime but maybe it's... sunspots! Or...........something in the water? Any ideas?



  1. That colour matches your blog background perfectly.
    My skin is like sandpaper, I don't know what's going on. I need to go and lie in a vat of oil. xxx

  2. Lovely nude, it looks great with the glitter accent. When my exams are over I must go and raid the 2true stand. :) xx

  3. omg i didn't even know they did a taupe one, this is totally news to me. needless to say i am going to need this. do you know why i love these too? cos bottle reminds me of eyeko, i am a big fan of eyeko. shame they've gone up in price lately xx

  4. I have this shade and can't wait to use it :)
    My skin is terrible at the moment, been going through my vaseline intensive care hand cream like nobodies business *slaps some more on*