Saturday, 14 May 2011

Orly Galaxy Girl - OPI This Little Piggy

OK, so it isn't really anything like Galaxy Girl unless you're partially sighted or have imbibed far, far too freely of the juice of the vine. But it's nice.

The darkest 2true shade from the Fast Dry range plus an OPI topping after a coupla days of wear.

I'm having to layer to bring some variety into my life as I'm on a no-buy.

News tomorrow about:
a blog award
the identity of my mysterious Jessica benefactress

IF you were on a no-buy what would you currently be craving? Hell, what ARE you currently craving?



  1. Facing a no-buy soon, don't know how I'll cope cos polish is my new crack. Currently craving Nfu.Ohs. Lots of them.

    Also, heres some more blog award -- I tagged you with a blog award thingy and a cup of tea over at Konad Abuse (links in the profile).

  2. I'm on a low-buy and craving Mimosa like mad. Of course, it's not even a good shade for my skin tone, but I consider myself greatly influenced by blogs&trends, thus this insanity

  3. Gorgeous colour! The polishes look great layered together.
    I'm always craving the Deborah Lippmann glittery polishes. So pricey, yet so pretty. :) x

  4. Surprisingly I'm coping with the no-buy fairly well. The only thing I'm craving is some holo goodness but since they're hard to come by (and heartbreakingly expensive) I can cope without for now.
    This is really pretty, btw. I wonder if Wing It! over a deep plum would give a similar effect?