Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Magpie jewel-theft tendencies and how not to do a "Givenchy" half-moon

Reflection of a coupla bangles I picked up from my Mum's flat. She knows about it! Or she will when I ask her if it's OK.

There's the gold-plated one which isn't giving me a rash yet. And the other one which looks jolly flashy but is on elastic so I'm guessing it may not be worth quite a king's ransom. But it sparkles very prettily.

And the mani?
It was meant to be a ruffian only the curve on a ruffian goes the other way and I'd forgotten! And if it's a half-moon then the curve isn't sufficiently....curvy. I used tip guides too! Ah, well it comes off tomorrow. I got some beauty uk and some more 2true today so who knows what tomorrow may bring.

  • Grown-up browny taupe
  • Shrek-ish green
  • Red shimmer
  • Lilacs
  • Vampy
OR my asos haul may arrive and it'll be holo. I can't even remember properly what I ordered.

Who's up for membership of a NO-BUY CLUB?



  1. Count me in on the no-buy....after the weekend....

  2. I would totally join you but BeautyUK are bringing out crackle polishes...:P

  3. Glorious nails and fabulous bling! How's your Mum doing? xxx

  4. Love the stretchy bracelet!

    I can't do no-buys, same way I can do fasting. I'm no-buy for pinks and reds right now; that much of a diet I can handle.

  5. Ha! Nobody for the No-Buy. I still have to do it...

    My Mum! Well, long story but basically she's doing really well. Thanks, Vix.

  6. I love the sparkly bracelet! I have a fear of stretchy bracelets, they always seem to want to take the hairs out of my wrists! Ouchy!
    I love that mani, the half moons look great, esp in crackle.
    No-buy would be good for me, esp. seeing as I will be job hunting in a months time! :P

  7. this manicure is so cute!