Sunday, 29 May 2011

Blue and green should never be seen...

I think that's the commonly-held view.

Illamasqua Prism over Jessica Victorian Crush with a blob to disguise the little blips where the tape didn't lie flat.

It's an OK mani. The tip-wear on the Jessica wasn't great though...Or maybe it was the fault of the Illamasqua. How'm I to know..May just be that I'm not being thorough about wrapping the tips these days.

Very impressed by these stick-on stones from 2true. They don't half adhere! I topcoat them of course  but they don't dislodge easily and I don't shield my hands/nails much in terms of protecting the stones from wear so I'm very pleased with their tenacity. ALSO they are a reasonable size. I bought oodles of little ones in dinky-winky bottles but I can't find a way to handle them so they're of no use. Boo.




  1. I like it! I haven't seen the stick on stones, I think I will have to go and have a look! I have some tiny tiny ones, I found the easiest way to apply them is with a damp cotton wool bud as long as you manage to apply it without getting lint on the polish which is SO annoying... anyway... I like the combo :) xxx

  2. I lick the end of an orange stick to pick up stones or sequins etc, but I'm terrible for picking at them, so they don't last long...this looks lovely though :)

  3. Have you tried using a wax pencil (Chinagraph) to pick up small stones? Read this tip recently on a blog, but haven't had the time to try it yet