Friday, 6 May 2011

Who do you know who lives in Palmdale, CA?? RAOK

Because this person (yes, the name was on the box but I can't match the name to a blogger - if it is a blogger) sent me this! And I can't just publicise the name for all the world to see, now can I?  The name just doesn't ring a bell.

Victorian Crush - grubby green! hurrah! - and a nail hardener. I love this shade so I'm guessing I've been lusting after it and whingeing and whining (as if!) and someone has taken pity on me.

But whom am I to thank?

So - Palmdale, California. That's the clue.

And a big THANK YOU!



  1. Lucky you! Looks very nice, very generous of someone out there. Clearly they paid attention to your tastes, I've seen you wearing some of those murky colours before.

  2. Wow, what an awesome package, and if you find out who the blogger in Palmdale is, give them my blog link because I live close to Palmdale, and I need a dusty partner..LOL !