Thursday, 5 May 2011

"Put down the Barry M blusher 5 and step away from the counter."

"Put down the Barry M blusher 5 and step away from the counter," demanded the Superdrug shop-assistant in a tone loud enough to attract the attention of everyone in the small store.

I"m afraid I can't do that," replied the dainty (in my dreams!) broad demurely.

"Lady, you're making a helluva mistake here." There was a pause.

"Ma'am, I thank you for your concern but this is gonna look great with a tan."

"With a tan, you say? Then in that case what you need is bronzer." Joan has right on her side.

"I don't think so," was the equally determined response. The smile was glacial.

"This is just plain wrong, I'm tellin' ya. You can't do it."

"Watch me....." The plastic card is inserted smoothly and decisively into the slot. "Go ahead. Do it. Do it now."

The assistant opens her mouth as if to speak but then shrugs in resignation. She completes the transaction.

"Why, thank you and have a good day!" The words are heavy with sarcasm as Lauren Bacall sashays triumphantly out of the shop. Her bag swings gracefully at her hip. Joan Crawford slowly turns to the shelves of perfume.  She has nothing more to say. Her expression says it all.....

And "Joan" was absolutely right. This was far too strong a shade for me as a blusher. Very highly pigmented. So I used it as a matte lip colour with optional clear lip gloss.

Do you ever divert products from their original purpose? Blusher to lippie? Eye shadow to blusher? What works well?



  1. Looks great as a lippie anyway! Lipstick always makes me look like a man in drag...

  2. Imaginitive use! I think it looks great on your lips.

    Think I need to check out that blush, though :P

  3. It looks fab as a lipstick. I'm very tempted with this, I love Barry M and I love orange and I've got Advantage card points waiting to be spent. xxx

  4. Haha I do that with eyeshadows :D xx

  5. The colour is great as a lipstick! I have a love for inappropriate blushes, I have my eye on the red blush from Sleek, but I know it will probably be awful on me. However, with your mixing products idea, I might just get it anyway :D xxx

  6. I use eyeshadow instead of eyeliner sometimes but that's about it for my makeup creativity. Never thought to use blush on my lips, though most days I don't think to use it on my cheeks, either.

  7. heheheeh. It looks nice as a lip colour. I never try it before to use blush as a lip colour:)