Tuesday, 24 May 2011

To tan or not to tan?

Nubar Tan Me

Over Models Own Nayla Nude.
The big pustule (or rhinestone, if you prefer) on the ring finger is from a pack of 2true Crystal Couture.

The OH gets kinda fed up with endless mani changes so I have to eke out my manis by adding stuff to existing manis that are quick to do and quick to dry. Then there's the blogging time and the taking of photos. I can't devote all the quiet time I might like to doing this.

Next thing I need is nail tape. That looks to satisfy my criteria for ease and speed. But I'm on a no-buy. How to reconcile the conflict? *sighs*

So I may easily have to make an initial coat of paint last 5-6 days without getting too massively bored of the whole farrago.

What's your boredom threshold?



  1. My boredom threshold is about 2 days, and by then my polish is usually beyond repair anyway so I can start again :)

    Things I do to make things interesting longer - glitter, flakies, mattefy, crackle, konad, french tips/tape...and by the time you've done all that it'll take about a week to remove all the layers anyway...

    My OH gets fed up of me painting my nails all the time too, says it gives him a headache. Wimp.


  2. Nail tape! You reminded me - I need to buy some.

    Oh yeah. It's cheap. Cheap = basically free. Free = you didn't buy it!


  3. I like the peachy colour underneath but I'm not so keen on the glitter polish, I would have liked the glitter to be a bit more dense, Its a really pretty colour though. I'm forever adding extras to my nails. x

  4. It's blingy, ott and entirely fabulous, love it.
    I've been wearing the same coat of Barry M turquoise since Thursday, I'm not bored but it's looking a bit sorry for itself now. xxx

  5. Cheap is free, huh? Must tell that to the OH.

  6. That glitter would go perfectly with the bottle of OPI & Apple Pie I just got in a swap. I know it's got a reputation as one of the ugliest OPIs ever, so I had to have it.

    If I've put something interesting on to start with (glitter, holo, skittles, etc.) my boredom generally stays at bay for 5 - 7 days. If I'm wearing something more sedate, it's usually only 2 days before I'm adding something, at least on an accent nail or three or four.