Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Grossly misleading IMO.....RMK

OK, I mattified it and added glitter to the middle finger and threw some GOSH Rainbow over a bunch of nails BUT BUT BUT BUT...see that word on the label? Yeah? Holographic.

Yes, and I'm the love child of Barbara Windsor and Stephen Hawking.

It is pink with blue shimmer is what it is. I got this from asos as it was much reduced and I like to have a representative polish from as many brands as I can. Good or bad. This isn't bad but it isn't effin' holographic. 

Any tales of products which you consider badly mis-described? Also your best most holo-y holo?



  1. I like the look.... but very misleading :( boohoo I hate that!
    but how do u do the glittery middle finger? its amazing :)

  2. My most holo-y holo is GOSH Holographic. This blue pink is not fit to share that word.

  3. Hi, Gracie. Looks like you started a blog and then gave up. Why's that then? ;o)

    Middle finger is just a thin coat of the glitter polish on the ring finger. It's Pop Beauty Twinkle.

    Karen, the GOSH never works for me...Boo hoo.

  4. How disappointing! Definitely not a holographic polish. I do like the flakies and the glitter though :)
    I think Gosh holo is the most holo-y I've seen, but the M&S Rainbow holo is quite holo-y, but better to work with. You did a mani ages ago with Rainbow and put sheer colours over the top, that looked great! :) xxx

  5. Oh, that is sad about the GOSH Holo--wonder what its problem is that it doesn't behave.

    I remembered you said you liked Twinkle so I bought it when I saw it online for 20% off and have it on my fingers right now. :)