Monday, 23 May 2011

A Utopian Rainbow

i.e. Models Own Utopia + GOSH Rainbow mattified with Boots 17.

I am completely gaga for this combo of flakies + matte.
Good thing I have a back-up of Rainbow as I haven't seen it in Superdrug for a while.
I also have Nubar 2010 though so I should be OK for a while.

What are your essential back-up polishes?



  1. That's a pretty flaky! Will have to look out for that now I'm not-so-broke.

    Essential polishes? At the minute, probably just the NYC top coat - already repurchased.

  2. this is just so gorgeous.
    my back up: without the shadow of a doubt: nails inc london. there might be other nail polishes like it, but I have not come across it yet.

  3. I like this very much. Funnily enough I dragged Utopia out of the stash the other day as I had a big old lemming for it.

    I've stopped buying backups and am likely to sell the ones I do have. But the ones I deemed backup-worthy are Zoya Pasha & Roxy, OPI Ink, OPI YDKJ and OPI Tickly My France-y. The only backup I won't part with is my OPI Route Beer Float. It cost me more than I care to mention here!

  4. I am moving toward being backup free so I have room for more variety. Top coats and base coats are the exception--I have multiples of those because I do actually use them up.

  5. Oh wow that is beautiful! I have a backup of this one and GOSH holographic.

  6. Fab colours, love them.

    My back-ups are Barry M glitter silver and pink. They go over anything.

  7. I really like this! I wasn't too fond of Utopia on it's own, it made my hands look a little sickly. I should try some Rainbow on top, it looks great on you :)
    Oh and the SE show is great! I learnt so much today watching through all the past episodes. A hard days revision :) xx

  8. I have never conciously bought a backup (but have many, many nails inc backups) - also have backup of Rainbow from friend who discarded it. I have so many polishes I can't see how I'd ever finish one of them!