Wednesday, 11 May 2011

beauty uk Sage Green - a new fave!

A coupla quid. That's all. For a polish that, to my astonishment, was virtually perfect in 1 coat. I did 2 though. And there's a bit of layering on the index. Just because...

Enough with the facts! Now for the hyperbole.  How gorgeous is this green? On a scale from Beatrice's hat to Pippa Middleton's @rse this polish is well up there with the @rse. Right up there. Keeping company with queens. Within a whisker (well, a stray pubic hair) of the throne.

(Kind of OPI Shrek. Only darker.)

FYI I got this before beginning my no-buy. So far it's only Nail Newbie and I in the club - stop sniggering - but others are welcome.

I think it's day 5 of no-buying and I'm staying stroooooong. I even parked in John Lewis car park today and DID NOT GO IN THE SHOP!

OK, so the rest of you are still happily purchasing. Me? Envious? Ha! But do you drip-buy or do you splurge?



  1. Words cannot express how much I love that green, it's awesomely gorgeous.
    I'm sort of with you on the no spending. I haven't bought anything since Sunday but the car boot beckons tomorrow. xxx

  2. Gorgeous green and I love the layering on your index finger :)
    I think I'm a splurge buyer, I find it nicer :) Plus if I decide what I want and then wait, I get to think about it and I might change my mind and realise I didn't really need it. It probably saves me some money :)

  3. Vix, your job is buying and reselling (isn't it?). That must be hard.

    Gem, thanks! I like splurges but I NEED to keep buying.

  4. Great color! I'm trying to keep my buying low... ahem.

  5. Love the colours, hate, hate, hate the brushes. Shame really, great polish for the money