Sunday, 22 May 2011


The "It'sNOTaGLOSSYbox" giveaway. Except that it IS a GlossyBox. As in the pink cardboard-thing. But the contents are....well, read on.

What d'you mean by that?
I take my GlossyBox and fill it with little goodies. More than 5! Extra eco-green points to ME for reusing the box.

What goodies?
It's a surprise. Just like the contents of the GB itself are a surprise. I'm not telling you. BUT it does include NARS Orgasm 30ml. I confess to having had a couple of blobs from it but it's essentially full as I only got it on Wednesday and haven't used it every day.

OK, so what do I have to do?
You have to be a follower and tell me your email address and roughly where in the world you are e.g. Romania or Ruislip. Then you have to tell me in the comments box what 5 (probably expensive) products in the whole world you'd like to try one day. Hair, skincare, lippie, anything! Well, not rhino horn obviously. And I'm not sending you a kitten. And ultimately the winner will get more than 5 items in the box. Will have to see how much I can stuff in there.

Any other entries I can get myself?
Well, you could always blog or tweet about it but A) I won't check and B) I won't check. So it's just the comment-y thing.

Any restrictions?
Yes, EU only this time, I'm afraid. This may turn out to be a heavy box so I'm worried about P&P. Actually I don't know offhand all the countries in the EU so I'll say Europe.

Anything else?
  • You can always just tell me your 5 product list even if you're far, far away and can't win. Just for our mutual amusement.
  • The winner will be selected by
  • Closes June 14th.

All clear?


  1. Follwoing with GFc and Google Reader. From UK. cutestuff42 at hotmail dot com

    Hmm, products, let's see...

    1. Lanolips.
    2. Urban Decay Waterproof mascara.
    3. Urban Decay lip love.
    4. Urban Decay make-up remover.
    5. The sexy new purple UD make-up bag.

  2. Following with GFC

    From Cheshire, UK. Email kissmyanthia26 at yahoo dot co dot uk

    My 5 product are:

    1. Rodial Glamoxy snake serum
    2. Chanel Vitalumiere foundation
    3. Konad stamping nail art
    4. Minx nails
    5. MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick

  3. how have I not found your blog before now, it's fab!! Following With GFC now

    my wishlist would be
    1. Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum
    2. Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume
    3. Oribe Royal Blowout
    4. Creme de la Mer moisturiser
    5. Nars Orgasm Illuminator

  4. Aaaargh forgot to put that I'm in Scotland

  5. I had a massive think and then IE decided to 'not respond and I lost my comment and now I'm starting over trying to remember everything!

    1. Seche Vite
    2. YSL mascara (Volume Effet Faux Cils)
    3. That Morrocan oil hair stuff!
    4. Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation
    5. A MAC mineralized skin finish

    Thanks for such a lovely giveaway! I'm following via GFC as thefashionfreak

    Claire xx

  6. peripatetic33
    peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
    not in the EU
    telling you my top 5 from my polish lemming list anyhow just for kicks
    Alessandro green green baby
    Sally Hansen Project Runway
    Catherine Arley 803 (green holo)
    Catrice Sold Out Forever
    OPI Standing Room Only
    oh look i actually have one in my top 5 lemmings that's not green
    thank you for having such an entertaining blog

  7. i wrote a massive post and mustve forgotten to click is now gone. I am an idiot. Here we go again :D

    Trust you to do s totally original giveaway! its a great idea! Since I am a poor student (and so goddamn easy to please) my top 5 lemmings are proabably closer to home than most!
    1. Deborah Lippman Across the univers/glitter in the air/happy birthday/naked/quite literally, ANY DL polish!
    2.Benefit Confessions of a concealaholic/looking for mr bright/10 bronzer
    3. I have once in my life owned a lancome teint idole foundation, and it was perfecto - i havent been able to affod to re-buy it since, so its going on the list haha!
    4. I have one Del Sol colour changing polish, beach bum, and now i want all the others! particularly Ruby slippers!
    5. Marc Jacobs new fagance Daisy Eau SO Fresh - 100% better than the original, 100% still out of my price range!

    i follow on GFC as LemonyEmily
    email: emilyvslife@gmaildotcom
    location: UK, nottingham!

    thanks for the giveaway,Jenni, its a really fun one!
    ive got all my manicured finger crossed!! xx

  8. 1. Seche vite
    2. Tom Ford lipstick - any shade, dont care I am lippie whore
    3Daisy eau so fresh
    4.Nars Orgasm blush
    5. fushi argan oil.
    susan gray

  9. Oooh lovely giveaway Jen :) let's have a think!

    1. Deborah Lippmann polishes in Bad Romance and Across the Universe. PHWOARRR!

    2. BeneFit Finding Mr Bright kit

    3. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille EDP - extremely expensive but I've sniffed it at counters - droooool!

    4. RMK Creamy Foundation, again not wildly expensive for what it is (about £33) like the BeneFit set but a bit out of my usual price range. I've had a sample before and it's LOVELY.

    5. Chanel foundation - not sure which formula would suit my skin best but I would love to have the money to burn on trying them!

    Naturally I follow via GFC, my email address is leanne at donotrefreeze dot com and I am in the lovely county known as Essex.

    Thanks again! :)

  10. OK, that's 7 entered. And a big sorry to Peripatetic! But a big thank-you too for your list!

    So, if I can get Urban Decay, Chanel, Rodial and Tom Ford there'll be some happy punters. Hm, I hope expectations aren't going to be too high....


  11. You know me and how cheap I am so here's what I'd like to try:
    1. Barry M blusher (that orange one you bought the other day)
    2. Lush Big Hair shampoo
    3. Boots 17 matt nail varnish top coat.
    4. The pink Barry M Nail Effects
    5.Peacock feather false eyelashes

  12. hello i follow you as beautyshades and i'm in the uk.
    My email is
    My wishlist would be:
    1- Nars orgasm blush
    2- Maroccan argon oil(hair)
    3-benefit throoob
    4- too faced brow envy
    5-Any glittery sinful color nail polish

  13. Erm, hi. My delightful girlfriend (I believe she's following you as "eRiN") has politely suggested that I enter this for her, since she lives off in the US.

    I told her she should enter this herself and just say she'd want it sent to my address, but I think she enjoys exercising her power over me for some reason.

    Obviously if I were to win then I'd graciously accept the prize on her behalf, then take it with me on my next journey out there.

    Anyway, "my" five things would apparently be:

    Laura mercier oil free tinted moisturizer in porcelain,
    clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector,
    MAC Dark Side lipstick,
    China glaze OMG collection "IDK",
    Laura mercier secret camouflage concealor in SC-1

    I totally know what all those things are.

    Anyway, I live in the UK, my email address is, and the email address of the evil temptress that forced me into this is

  14. I confirm the above silliness as truth :) I've been following you as eRiN, macmahon.erin [at], and I live in California and ... what he said ^.^

    Thanks boyfriend <3

    Hope we haven't screwed up your giveaway or anything :S

  15. I'm not tight, I'm just poor, so I try to avoid even looking at expensive stuffs for fear my bank manager will get very cross. But, that said, here is my 'higher end' wishlist (although they're probably not that expensive to some people):
    1. Urban Decay Primer Potion
    2. YSL Touche Eclat
    3. Elizabeht Arden 8 hour cream
    4. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment
    5. Orly Bonder (had to have one nail product in there, and I know they sell it in boots for a fiver but it's such a teeny bottle I'm not prepared to spend that much when there are bigger bottles for not much more in the states etc. End rant.)

    So, it's Helen/NailNewbie helen_louise_is at yahoo dot co dot uk
    And I'm in sunny Bedfordshire

    Fun giveaway! And yes, you do get extra green points for reusing the box :) Debating whether I should do a 50 follower giveaway, or wait for 100...have no idea what I would put in it though...


  16. Hi! Amazing giveaway! I love surprises :)
    Nick GFC: Maribel F.
    I follow you from Spain.
    My wishlist is:
    - Angel lipstick from Mac
    - Blot Powder Pressed from Mac
    - Laguna from Nars
    - Fresh Farmacy from Lush
    - Primed & Poreless Powder from Too Faced.
    And I could follow xDDD
    Thank you! xoxo

  17. Great giveaway :)

    GFC : Lorraine ( Lo')
    E-mail: lorraineloly(at)hotmail(dot)com
    I'm from Belgium :)

    One day, I'd love to try :

    - Creme de la mer moisturizer
    - Eyes set to kill cream eyeshadow by Giorgio Armani
    - Becca Primer
    - a perfume from La prairie
    - Ruby woo lipstick by MAC

    Thank you :)

  18. hello!
    - GFC: Alexandra Stefan
    - email:
    - i live in Bucharest, Romania
    - what i'd love to try:
    --> Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Beige Ivory
    --> MAC MSF Refined
    --> Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
    --> Nars Orgasm Blush
    --> UD Naked Palette

  19. GFC: Naeema Ibrahim
    i live in Eastern Province, KSA
    What i'd love to try:
    -Models own nail laquer 25K gold
    -Makeup Forever: Rouge lipsticks
    -Nars: Orgasm blush
    -Mac: Pigments
    - OCC: Lip Tars

  20. What no kittens?! Oh well :( I'll consult my other non-cute-pet wish list instead. I'm in the UK and I'd love to try:

    1- Deborah Lippmann nail polish Today Was a Fairytale
    2- Illamasqua cream blush Seduce
    3- Barry M lipstick Pinkie Gold Sparkle (only ever online, but I don't dare make an order incase I go mad and buy everything :P)
    4- Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer
    5- Mac eyeshadow Expensive Pink

    Email -

  21. I'm disapointed about the kittens too... I'm in the UK.

    1-Clarins 230
    2-Creme de Mer (can it really be worth that much?)
    3-Any of the RBL body stuff (ditto)
    4-That Estee Lauder magic overnight stuff in the brown bottle
    5-The Guerlain midgnight magic stuff in the blue bottle.

    Hatfield, Hertfordshire

    1. Chanel Morning rose nail polish
    2. Deborah lippman bad romanance and across the universe
    3. Guerlain eyeshadow pallete
    4. Urban decay naked pallete
    5. Chanel Allure perfume

  23. I follow you via GFC as Joy. I'm in the UK.
    1) Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation
    2) Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume
    3) Benefit Coralista
    4) Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
    5) Lanolips

  24. Allo. Following as Stompy Boot (that isn't my real name BTW.) I'm from Herts and the email is bga at bigstompyboot dot co dot uk

    1). Deborah Lippmann glittery gorgeous polish.
    2). Rockalily lippie in Rocker Red or Roulette Red
    3). YSL Touche Eclat.
    4). Urban Decay Shadow Box
    5). Something that will make me look and feel 27 again. 27 is a nice number.

  25. I follow via GFC
    I'm in the UK

    my top 5 wishlist items are:

    lippman accross the universe nail polish
    tom ford lipsticks
    Armani eyes to kill mascara
    nars multiple
    guerlain meteorites powder
    enter me please :) x

  26. I follow you via GFC as Ria and I'm from Greece!
    My items are:
    YSL Rouge Volupte in #4
    Lippmann nail polish in Happy Birthday
    Nars Deep throat Blush
    MAC Lipstick in Vegas Volt
    aaand Elizabeht Arden 8 hour cream

    Great idea for a giveaway question!
    My email is freeeedz at yahoo dot com
    Have a good day!

  27. Hi! I'd like to participate too, I'm in Austria, GFC follower ID: vedra. My 5 most wanted products at the moment are MAC Pink Cult blush, Illamasqua Primal blush, Shiseido lash primer (always got others till now but really want to try this one next), Nars Nouveau Monde duo, and Lippmann Marquee Moon nail polish (actually I'm a polish hoor ;))
    email: vedra(AT)

  28. Hello! I follow you as Alexa1202 and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.
    I'm from Bucharest, Romania.

    My items:
    1. Deborah Lippman nail polishes
    2.Benefit Confessions of a concealaholic
    3. Urban Decay - Naked palette
    4. Lancome - Hypnose mascara
    5. Burberry - Sport for women :)


  29. Argh my original post has disappeared. So I'll have another crack

    1. Naked Palette. I'm working away a lot and it's nice to have a selection of work-appropriate colours to choose from. Just saving the pennies

    2. The new Clinique BB cream. I think it's in the age defence line. I need a good all-in-one fix. That or Mac's Studio Fix

    3. Konad. Cause all the bloggers with them have such amazog nails, and I'm rubbish with nail pens!

    4. Bliss Steep Clean for my enormo pores

    5. Moroccan oil for my hair. I dyed it black for two years and then returned to my reddish brown. The bits that haven't grown out are horribly straw like :(

    ps lanolips - totally worth the pennies :)

  30. Agh I completely forgot about this until now, and it's a fantastic giveaway!
    Please enter me
    I'm in the UK and I follow you (i think my GFC name is queen-cry-baby) my email is
    My top 5 items I would love to try are:
    1. The Sigma cleansing and polishing tool (like a clarisonic only cheaper and in cuter retro packaging
    2. Red or yellow Inglot eyeliner gel
    3. Mac lipstick in Girl About Town (I actually own this already but it broke and i want a new one, but don't want to buy another one. It's such a pretty colour)
    4. Pretty much any Deborah Lipman glitter polish, but particularly Marquee Moon, across the universe, happy birthday or glitter in the air.
    5. Illamasqua brush roll
    Thank you!

  31. I'm Bekah ( bekahshamrook (at) gmail (dot) com ) I live in Wales.

    1: Urban Decay Primer Potion - I've never found a primer that works well and this seems to be the best I've heard of...
    2: Urban Decay Naked Palette - I love the colours in this L-O-V-E! I could never affod it though... :(
    3: Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows - Yes, I know you can't get it anymore... But it's so purdy...
    4: YSL Mascara... I don't know it's actual name but I know it's lengthening... - This is because I have invisible lashes and can never afford an amazing mascara...
    5: Gosh Holo Nail Polish - I just can't find it anywhere anymore! :'( People say it's impossible to work with but it looks amazing! :)

  32. Just discovered you and your fab giveaway through the tweet from the lovely @tsunimee. I'm now following through GFC
    My email is
    I am in Salisbury,Wiltshire (10 mins from Stonehenge, its nothing majorly exciting!)
    My wishlist would be
    1. Urban Decay Primer Potion
    2. Estee Lauder Double Wear (everyone raves about it and i'm very jealous i dont own it)
    3. Lancome Hypnose mascara
    4. Lanolips
    5. Clinique All About Eyes
    Nic xx

  33. Hi,

    I've just discovered your blog from a link posted by the lovely Tsunimee on twitter. I'm following you by GFC, email and on twitter.

    My email: aussiegirlblogs [at] gmail [dot] [com]

    I'm in Kent (the Garden of England)

    My wishlist is:

    1. Urban Decay (naked palette and primer potion)
    2. MAC (brushes, eyeshadows, blush and lipsticks)
    3. Nars (everything)
    4. Moroccan Oil (hairspray, oil, hair treatment)
    5. Benefit Carmella, new skincare range.


  34. Following with GFC and on Twitter

    I'm based in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)

    My wishlist is:

    1) Creme de la mer moisturiser (it's far too expensive for me to ever buy)
    2) Armani face fabric
    3) Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in violet
    4)NARS blush in Orgasm
    5) Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser

  35. Hi,
    My name is carrie and Im from the UK.
    Am following you on GFC & twitter


    1. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
    2. Urban Decay Setting Spray
    3. Inglot square Palette
    4. xen-tan
    5. Face Stockholm Volumising Mascara

    Hope this isn't too late, but saw a tweet just now from @tsunimee about this.
    Either way I'm now following a great blog :)

    Good luck everyone!
    Carrie x

  36. Hi :))
    Hope i'm not too late!!
    I'm from France
    mpeczka at gmail dot com
    1.Sensai Silky Purifying
    2.Guerlain Terracotta
    3.Miss Dior Chérie
    4.Estee Lauder Double Wear
    5.Armani Eyes to Kill
    Thanks :*

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Heya !

    I know you won't check but I'm following via GFC and Tweeting @CRYSTALmse

    My top 5 are :

    1. Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum
    2. NARS Blush in Orgasm
    3. Moroccan Oil Range
    4. Benefit High Beam Luminescent Complexion
    5. YSL Touche Eclat Radiant

    Fankoooo !

    Hope I've not missed your luscious competition !


  39. 1.Lierac Bust Lift Creme - Firming Anti-Brown Spots Cream
    2.BellaPierre Cosmetics Mineral Shimmer Powder Nine Stack - Serenity
    3.NuBo Instant Lip Perfection with SPF15
    4.Jane Iredale Eye Steppes Eye Shadow
    5.Jessica Artiste Nail Art Designer Palette

    Katie corr