Tuesday, 10 May 2011

IsaDora 123 Apricot + I'm OFFICIALLY on a no-buy

It's the only IsaDora I have. Got it from This a great company. I had a discount code but I forgot to apply it at checkout so I emailed them and they just gave me the discount right away. No bother. Tres cool. Very good peeps to do business with.

Anyhows... this is very sheer but works frightfully well as a layering polish. Goes a bit duochrome-y. I think they are probably quality polishes. If only I were not on a no-buy I might find out by buying some more.

Soooooo this is like Slimming World or something. Not that I've ever been but I flippin' well ought to. I need your support in encouraging me to get a grip and not buy more polish. It's turned a bit too OCD for my (well, the wife's) liking and I now find I have to buy a polish a day or I feel bereft. Not good. I don't like the anxious feeling of 'Where's my next nail polish coming from' so it has to stop.

This has worn well btw.

I believe I'm the only current member of the NBC (no-buy club) but feel free to join. Membership is currently on special offer.



  1. Who'd have thought that peach and shimmer could look so good? Not me!
    Good luck with the not spending. There's lots of frugality in the air and you must have hundreds of nail polishes to play with. xxx

  2. gorgeous summery colour :) good luck with the no buy I tried that a while ago and failed miserably xx

  3. Sign me up. I have been on a no-buy since Saturday's haul but then completely forgot and bought a polish yesterday, so I lasted a day. Yes, I fail that hard.

    Do I get a badge or something?

  4. I have two tiny IsaDoras, one also very sheer but great layered (it's a blue version of this one really) but the other is a green shimmer that's opaque in 2 coats.

    I wouldn't say I was on a no-buy (although I should) but I am trying to buy less and post more of the swatches I've already done, not to mention the drawers of untrieds. All together now, my name is Cali and I have a nail polish problem!

  5. Ok, 2 of us. That's fine. And everybody else is being careful so it's all good.

    Opaque green shimmer sounds nice.

  6. Yeah, if it's causing you anxiety that's no good; sounds like a no buy for you makes sense. Best of luck with it!

  7. looks good but i have far too many too sheer stuff to indulge. :( i need more money :'( snif xx

  8. Very pretty shimmery colour, lovely for summer! I'm on no-buy until after my exams. It's really just an excuse to indulge to reward myself when they all end! But if I don't spend anything for a couple of weeks, it'll be a nice treat anyway :)
    Good luck with your no-buy! xx