Monday, 30 May 2011

Celebrity jeans fell down! Shock horror!

Coz this is the evil twinning of Barbara Daly Denim and Barielle Falling Star.

This is Barbara Daly Denim from Tesco.  It's a horrid steely blue.

(Oh, and it was pointed out to me that it was the Greeks who came up with ba ba ba barbarians. True true.)

Oo, thought I when in the shop, this is very like Barielle Falling Star. This is why I am a rubbish nail blogger. Because that is a garbage observation.

See the microscopic coral glitter in the BD? The BD is more sheer (no, be honest, watery) than I'd like so I got out a tiddly make-up sponge on a stick and did a bit of a sponge gradient. Which is harder than you'd think because the Barielle dried on the nail almost at once. I need to work on that because it would be a good look when done well with different colours.

Any tips on sponge manis? Leanne of Do Not Refreeze is an expert on this as I recall. See what I mean?



  1. I've never really tried to sponge a glitter polish, so couldn't give you any tips.

    I LOVE Leanne's blog. She's so talented!

  2. I love Barbara Daly's Denim, but I find it so hard to work with, mine's thick and doesn't dry quickly, and bubbles too :( also the pink shimmer does NOT translate to the nail, which is what I bought it for! But there we go! :( xxx

  3. No way is that glorious blue horrid. It's blinking gorgeous. xxx

  4. I think BD Denim is horrid too. I must stop buying BD polishes, they're all craptastic in my humble opinion. I keep thinking maybe this one will be different but they never are.

  5. garbage observation = haha, you're so funny.
    Your blog posts are like no other and this is why i enjoy them so much. Oh dear though, I am not sure I like this blue number from Barbary Daly. The barielle is an interesting mix. I would love to see this mix of red glitter on a dark blue polish xx

  6. It's a nice colour, shame the formula sucks! I love the Barielle one, lovely red glitter.

  7. Sponging? I've not tried it but I want to.