Friday, 20 May 2011

What would a perfect world be like?

Models Own Utopia

Because, without looking it up, that's what I suppose Utopia to be. Perfect world.
I have wanted this polish longtime.

  • It is pastel and it is a bit streaky. 3 coats for sure. You have to get a lot of polish on the brush. Easy it's not. Not by any stretch.
  • But the colour is unusual. I have over 1000 polishes now and it's unique in my stash.
  • Luckily I lemmed it and I love it.
  • Is it pink, lavender, lilac? Don't know.
  • The photo makes my hands look lobster but that's not the case irl.

You know any dupes for this?



  1. Over a 1000?! Stash pics! I love this one too, it is pretty unusual, I haven't tried to dupe it though.

  2. It looks lovely on (no sign of a lobster hand)! xxx