Monday, 9 May 2011

Old lady chair/pub banquette mani

Because the Barry M and Boots 17 Matte Top Coat on top of loads of other layered polishes reminds me of this.

You do see what I'm driving at, I hope.
Not saying it's attractive but I'd venture "interesting" or "distinctive".

I thought it was called moquette or cut velour or damask or brocade and I had to google all kinds of combinations until I found the picture that matched what was in my noddle. If anyone does know the proper term for this kind of fabric then do pray tell. 

Is this
A fairly cool
B you'd better stay behind after school



  1. An excellent comparison! I'm not really loving it as much as the original one. Do you think it would work on top of black nail varnish? xxx

  2. I like this combination! I don't know what that type of fabric is actually called in the upholstery world; I call it "cut velvet".

  3. Hey, Vix, try it. I know you like Barry M.

    Yes, Karen, cut velvet. I also thought of 'flock'.