Thursday, 12 May 2011

Chanel Mimosa it isn't - Zest by Barbara Daly it is...

And jolly good it is too. I added a FlorMar coat to most fingers because it is a yellow and it's not completely streak-free and that's what I do these days. £3 for a small bottle but that's actually reasonable because it is a funky colour. I know it's not a Mimosa dupe btw. Heck, it may not even be yellow!

Compare this to Illamasqua Rare which drove me to the point of abject despair and this is a total win. It's only very slightly streaky and it's glossy. The photo is a Day 3 pic so the wear is very good. It doesn't give me lobster mitts so you can conclude I am well chuffed with this.

Anybody have much truck with Barbara Daly? It means I have to go into Tesco (hate Tesco) but that is sometimes unavoidable.



  1. tesco is the only shop I have easy access to here (you think your town is bad, I have tesco, co-op and oooh tesco pharmacy...) so I have a couple of Barbara Daly's but hate them. I find them rubbish for chipping, the creams dry really chalky and they're hard to apply. But what do I expect for £3? Maybe Beauty UK could teach them a lesson...
    Incidentally the rest of their make-up is great, especially the mascaras.

    I'll give this a miss, not just because it's BD, but also because I'm not really a yellow person. Looks great on you though :)

  2. I love that colour, I've tried other yellows and they make me look like a forty-a-day roll-up fanatic, that errs on the greener side.
    Barbara Daly was the name behind the original Body Shop Colorings make-up, wasn't she? She was also Princess Di's make-up artist if I remember. xxx

  3. All true about BD. She must be older than Methuselah now!!!

  4. Found Barbary Daly a bit hit and miss, I have one which is lovely (Aqua Shimmer) and one which is awful in terms of application but gorgeous in appearance (Denim). Have my eye on the fluoro orange one though :D xx

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