Thursday, 26 May 2011

This A-Z tag-thing that's doing the rounds...

Not me (the hairy one or indeed the one in her flimsies). But this IS the style of bra I wear (see U for Underwear)....And this is an orang-utan from Chester Zoo (Z for Zoo).

A. Age:55
B. Bed size:Double. But my OH has her room too. And she has a double as well. Own rooms. The ONLY way to go. I like to be able to stretch and wriggle and read and have the light on and then off and then on again...Who wants to have to be considerate in bed?
C. Chore you hate: Cleaning and tidying. Hence our cleaner.
D. Day:????
E. Essential start to your day:Breakfast! The clue is in the name.
F. Favourite colour:Black. But I'm still fat even so...
G. Gold or Silver:Silver.But I don't know why.
H. Height:Five two on a tall day.
I. Instruments:Piano. Church organ. Taught myself clarinet. Recorder. Soprano and treble. Voice.

K. Kids:2 adult daughters plus a grandson and another grandchild due end of July 

L. Live:Midlands/Worcestershire
M. Mum’s name:Barbara - amazing etymology - the Romans thought foreigners went 'ba ba ba ba ba' (a bit like rhubarb rhubarb, yeah?) so they called foreigners 'barbari' = barbarians
N. Nicknames:none that I know of
O. Overnight hospital stays:bovine TB aged 4, 2 C-sections, plastic surgery on ears, maybe more, one forgets
P. Pet peeve:noisy eaters....... mastication *shudders*
Q. Quote from a film:n/a - not a great film-buff
R. Right or left handed: right
S. Siblings:an older half-brother but he's a "secret"
T. Time you wake up:probably 7 but I can easily go back to sleep/read/sleep until 11 (see B for bed)
U. Underwear:how very dare you, OK, bra from Bravissimo (Panache Tango) and knickers from Marks mostly
V. Vegetables you dislike:sweetcorn (too sweet and sickly and it smells)
W. What makes you run late:I do try not to, I hate unpunctuality - maybe that's a pet peeve!
X. X-Rays you’ve had:plenty, plenty - teachers have to prove they don't have TB, broken arm, loads I should think...
Y. Yummy food you make:you jest - cook for me, please
Z. Zoo:Chester? Last went ages ago with a group of kids from school. One little "dear" threw something at an orang-utan who promptly threw it right back at him. A better shot than the lad too. How I laughed!


  1. I'm with you on the separate beds! I'd be loathe to share mine now. Claire and I tried but she wiggles around in her sleep and I couldn't sleep at all next to her thrashing :P

    I didn't know that about the name Barbara! Very interesting :)

  2. Hopefully I am not ruining it for you, but Barbara's etymology is not Latin, it's Greek ;) Pretty much what you mentioned, only it was not the Romans, twas the Greeks.

    Have a lovely day xx

  3. Interesting, very interesting! xxx

  4. I like these posts, I guess I'm nosy! :) I totally agree with having your own bed, I wish I had a second bed. My OH actually kicked me in his sleep and bent my toenail right back the other week, it resulted in much swearing. My pedicure looks ridiculous missing a toenail... :P