Sunday, 8 May 2011

2true Fast Dry Shade 7

2 coats. It really doesn't need 3. It's only because I zoom my camera up to a 2 and then go extra large with the pic that it looks less than opaque. And that makes the poor clean-up so horribly evident. Ho hum.

I now own all 9 of the Fast Dry polishes and like every single one very much. But I've since added some layering to this and got myself something a bit like the Orly Galaxy Girl polish that costs megabucks over here. See that photo on Tuesday.

Must run. A bientot.

Oh, and this is my right hand which has the nails with the worst ridges. The Mavala ridge-filler is a very effective product however. Plus I followed advice and buffed. I feared this would thin my nails but they seem unscathed thus far. It has virtually eradicated the ridges. Phew.



  1. You must have the entire range by now! This colour looks nice, though not really quite the bottle colour. Mayb an extra coat would make it true to the bottle?

  2. I am enjoying this series so much.
    this is another gem.
    i'd love if they released new colours
    they are so good quality and affordable these little pots xx

  3. pretty colour my dear! :) x

  4. Lovely colour, reminds me of blackcurrant jelly for some reason :)
    Can't wait to see the layering you have come up with x