Friday, 27 May 2011

Jessica Victorian Crush - whatever that is...

Another sludge-green I simply had to have. And only got courtesy of ABOP and her RAOK.

Dear sweetie took note that I had admired this and just sent me a bottle! I had won a fab Diamond Cosmetics collection from her last year so she had my address already! Is she not a total sweetheart? She is also brilliant with her replies to comments. 

The Jessica in this pic is the darker shade btw.
Name a fave blogger!



  1. That green is blinking fabulous. What a lovely blogger Jessica is. xxx

  2. What the heck is with the name? I couldn't think of something less apt, when I think Victorian I think elegant dark reds and stuff, not nuclear army sludge green.

    Yes. She is a TOTAL sweetheart. It's lovely that there are people in the beauty blogging world who are like this!

    Awesome colour. These unconventional ones suit you.

  3. wow,awesome colour, love it....

  4. I do hope it turned out being as lovely on you as you'd hoped! Your photo makes me want to pull my bottle out and wear it again!

  5. Aww, that is such a nice surprise :) Great colour too! x

  6. Love you all. You're all lovely!