Monday, 2 May 2011

The polish Kate wore - Bourjois Rose Lounge (allegedly)

"And...breath.  Finally we've seen the dress, the hair and the make-up but you know what GDN is reeeally interested in - her digits!  So we can exclusively reveal Marina Sandoval, manicurist extraordinaire, painted Kate Middleton's nails yesterday lunchtime in Bourjois' "Rose Lounge" no 28 (mixed with a little bit of Essie 423 Allure). The pale creamy pink shade is perfect for our future queen because, as we all know, Kate wanted to go neutral-classic for her bridal look. Of course, as William placed (actually, pushed and shoved) the wedding band on his new wife, we all cooed at the way Kate - sorry, Princess Catherine has stayed true to her classic style on the biggest day of her life." (From Grazia).

Sorry about my horrid yellow nails. This is 3 coats (above). The flash has bleached it a bit. I don't have Essie Allure and I can't say I regret it because I do have quite a few pale Essie polishes and they typically require a vatful on each nail before you'd notice you even had nail polish ON. What's the point of that then? Kate Whatserface I ain't! If I put polish on then I want POLISH, ya hear!

Ugh. Horrid yellow tips. I tried to paint opaque white underneath but there's not enough free edge so I just made a mess. It's a nice polish if you like that kind of thing and better than yer streaky old Essies.

So bring out the FlorMar. Phew. Better.

No disrespect to HRH btw. She's very lovely and all that. I'm only an envious old trout. I was always a bit on the rough side...



  1. I don't quite get why Ms. Sandoval felt she needed to mix a pale pink and a pale nude to get a color that looks like a thousand polishes already out there, but perhaps that's what separates a "manicurist extraordinaire" from us ordinary folk.

    What was on your other hand when you had this quiet pink on? Please tell me something wild, or I will be quite confused. :)

  2. i love the finish of the second polish - i have a few of these for layering when i need to hid smudges or other imperfections.

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