Saturday, 7 May 2011

2true Fast Dry Shade 5 - I shall call it RED PAINT

For it is indeed shiny, red paint. 2 coats of it. I love this brand with an exceeding great love.

I felt quite sophisticated wearing this - even the other hand was conventional. A vampy brown-red. Most unusual for me. And not entirely comfortable with that.

  • How often do you wear red, if at all? 
  • Do you like a plain creme red?
  • Do you prefer red with a twist?
  • What's your favourite and least favourite red?


  1. It's a lovely colour, I love those 2True polishes. I like a classic creme pillar box red nail, though I generally wear 'weirder' colours. I'm not keen on brownish reds on my nails.

  2. Lovely colour. I never tried any of the nail polishes from the brand yet:)

  3. I got 2 of these polishes today (no buy starting NOW teehee). I don't actualy have many pure reds, more berry and plum and glittery ones. Looks lubly on you. And I totally misread the title and thought it said red pants....

  4. Very nice red, I must go and raid the 2true stand soon!
    I love red creme polishes, but if I feel like red nails I have 2 I always go for, one is 17 Knockout Red, it's a true red if that makes sense and I also love Revlon Cherries in the Snow for a more raspberry red.