Tuesday, 19 April 2011

2true Fast Dry 03 from Superdrug

Only 2 coats. 3 for a fiver from Superdrug. Crikey. You can't turn it down. As recommended by Helen of Just Nice Things. And she knows a good polish when she sees one. I know the bottles are only 7ml (a mini in US terms) but stap m' vitals and knock me down with a nail buffer if that isn't a fair bargain. The flash has washed this out slightly. In sun it's almost neon. But shiny!

I know I was moaning about pink (MO Lili's Pink, to be precise) making me feel really 'old lady' but this is coral. And it's not frosty or shimmery. So I feel cool about it.

Do you feel awkward wearing particular shades? As if some colours simply don't suit your 'image'? Too edgy or not edgy enough? That kinda thing....



  1. This is one of my favourite shades. Must dig it out!

  2. I always walk past the 2True stand in Superdrug after my not particularly favourable exploit with their eye dust (pants). Still, I might take a look at this, only because I don't have a coral polish.

    I don't really like frosts or metallics, I don't know why. Also I feel that reds/purples/pinks are a bit "safe" and people think that when they see me wearing them? I don't know. I wear them anyway :P

  3. I love this! Definitely a good summer colour!

  4. I'd just as soon get 7ml bottles--they take up less space and I can't think of the last time I used more than that of any one color (except when frankening).

  5. Thats a gorgeous colour!

    Do you know if this is one of superdrugs own brands? Or if they test on animals?


  6. what a nice colour, ideal for summer :)