Friday, 15 April 2011

Going to Post Office to post nearly all the blog sale parcels + a guessing game...

What it says on the tin. See above. I'll email you all later to confirm. Thanks, everyone!

Had this mani for days and days as I've been busy with this'n'that. 4 days? 5? So what is the base polish? Any ideas? 



  1. Just sent you the £10.50 as a 'gift'. Had to pay an extra fee though...

    and re: the nails, VERY IMPRESSIVE!! xx

  2. *steals*

    As for the polish, no idea...

  3. The gold is ... I have no idea. I'll say Orly Luxe, because that's my favorite, but I don't think Orly makes it over the ocean very often so I'm pretty sure it's not that.

  4. Absolutely no idea. I'd say that it was the 17 Gold (but not really) crackle polish, only there is the obvious problem of this not actually crackling. It's that sort of colour, though.

    I can't wait to recieve the goodies. Royal Mail, hurry up!

  5. The nearest thing I can think it looks like is Models Own Champagne. But then again I do have a soft spot for that polish so I can't be trusted :P
    Good luck at the post office, I hope you manage to get in and out within a day :) xxx

  6. Yep, MO Champagne. It's a great polish.