Sunday, 24 April 2011

beauty uk Frozen Kingdom


This is 2 sloppy coats. Or 3 more careful ones. Ivory with a definite golden warmth. So flattering. SO pretty. But not in a girlie way. Obviously. I love China Glaze White Cap and this is no dupe. This is........way better! Hurrah.

Kate, I don't know what you'll be wearing on your nails next week but this is brilliant. And better still - it's made in the UK! Not that mealy-mouthed designed in the UK and made in China. Who do we think we are? We can design stuff because we're all arty-farty artistic but we can't manufacture stuff because that's far too plebeian. No. Manufacturing should be valued - as should service industries and child-minding. Feel free to add your own undervalued profession.

Furthermore it's (back to the nail polish) £1.99 from Superdrug. The bottle is tiny, 'tis true. However larger bottles are available online from the beauty uk website and there's a discount code. More will be revealed when I receive my mini-haul.

I am such a snob sometimes but 2true and beauty uk have rubbed my nose in my snobbery good and proper this last week. Shame on me.

Cosmetic snobbery?
  • A snob? Moi? Quelle idee!
  • I do have a penchant for high-end, yes
  • I take products on their merits, I don't consider myself a label-freak
  • Confirmed bargain-hunter on the whole
  • Pay mega-pounds for a fancy name? I think NOT



  1. Going to get myself a bottle of this before it becomes the next big thing like GOSH Holographic or whatever.

    Lies, of course you can compute Twitter. COOOOOME JOIN US.

  2. Bwhaha i love it that you suggest kate to wear this on her nails. I absolutely love frozen kingdom, that golden shimmer in it just makes me happy, deffo one of my favourite polishes


  3. Oo, did I get in on the ground floor of the next big thing? Very swanky.

  4. Such a pretty golden shimmer! I don't think I've ever looked at beuaty uk before, maybe I am a snob! Although, my local Superdrug is pretty crumby, it probably won't have the range if I go in, I shall have to have a look though, this is really pretty :)

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