Sunday, 10 April 2011

Color Club Orange Revenge + accent swirl

I've read the phrase 'retina-searing' before. Now I know what it truly means. Took the dogs for a walk in the April sunshine and nearly blinded myself when I glimpsed my very own fingers. Crikey.

Coupla coats. Three? Not sure. But I can see some VNL. That bothers me not one jot.

The 'swirl' is where I was trying to add white and make a gradient but the consistency was thicker than an Irish bog in a relatively mild spring with added algae so I had to cut my losses and slop W7 Earthquake White over it. What a globby mess. But it turns out that is reminiscent of peach slices in syrup (you know those tins) with single cream spooned in. I hate it when people do that. Makes me feel a bit sick. But it isn't actually that bad. Impressionist brushwork? Explosion in paint factory?



  1. Retina searing, huh? Well it looks great, and at least you're brave enough to wear it (I'm still working up the courage to try my neons).

  2. It's a good, strong polish.
    ABOP, you can wear anything! Your nails and skin look good in everything. Swatch those neons.

  3. I've never had cream in canned peaches but agree the swirl looks edible; I was thinking of candy when I saw it.

  4. I love the retina searing orange! I really like the white swirl :)