Friday, 1 April 2011

The Franklin Mint - my 'royal wedding tat' series + DISCLAIMER

Sorry but this is ridiculous. Funny but ridiculous. I was researching my royal wedding series and I got entranced by the Franklin Mint. Benjamin Franklin (I looked this up) was a founding father and polymath, an author and scientist. He was not a merchant of cheap rubbish. But his name has been taken (in vain, if you ask me) by purveyors of tat.

BTW - this is just my opinion. Opinion and not stating any of this as FACT. As long as we're clear on this.... ;o)

$195. I kid you not. Who buys this stuff? This made me curious about the further wares of the Franklin Mint.

Next up.

The price for this? Guess. You won't get it.

$995. Yes, let me spell it out - nine hundred and ninety-five dollars.

Next, please.

Some outfit Kate Winslet wore in 'Titanic'. $99.95. Sorry and everything. I really love that film. But would you buy this? Seriously. Who buys this? I don't know how big this is. Dressing-table size or life-size? Who cares? $99.95.

And for only $99 a coin from the Republic of Palau with a face value of $5. Now, are Palau dollars worth 20 US$???? I confess to being confused.....They want you to pay a hundred bucks for a five dollar coin? Hmm. I HAVE to be misunderstanding this whole enterprise bigtime, no??

Finally this.

That's right. A Bridal Princess Vinyl Doll. $295.
This is wrong on SOOOOOOO many levels.
1 looks nothing like her
2 her marriage was a marriage in name only
3 she divorced acrimoniously
4 she allegedly had doubts about her intended even on the wedding day itself

Look, it's just sheer and unadulterated crap. Sorry if you work for these people. Hey, you have to eat. But don't buy this stuff.

And on that note (having potentially caused massive international offence - look, I do know every country produces rubbish including the UK, OK?) I shall hie me hence.

Tomorrow Illamasqua.

PS What's the shoddiest, tackiest stuff YOU have a penchant for? Confess all....

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