Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sellotape mani with beauty uk Frozen Kingdom (my current fave)

For once something that works! The accent nail is Nubar 2010. Remember when Hidden Treasure was all over the shop? Now it's crackle. What next? 

What would you like to see next in the nailiverse?
I'd say: a polish that really DOES dry within a minute.

Oh, and stencils. I know they exist but not much of a range. I'm too useless to do Konad. I need something simpler.



  1. They had run out of Frozen Kingdom when I went in Superdrug the other day, I feel an online order coming on...

    As for what I'd like to see, a polish that really doesn't chip. Really. Never.

    Not going to happen though is it...

  2. You just got retweeted by beautyuk and liloo! Well done. Now MAKE A TWITTER. She linked to someone on twitter who most definitely wasn't you.!/jaljen

    See for yourself, lol.

  3. Is FK the next big thing? Oo.

    Thanks, Lena! I'm a bit of a dodo as regards twitter. The brain cells that might compute twitter became extinct in me a coupla decades ago.

  4. The nails look stunning! You must have a steady hand to do those xx