Thursday, 28 April 2011

Boots 17 Supreme Shine Bared

Turns out you can see the sparkle on the nail. Hurrah! 2 coats. Maybe 3. I really like this. Not an awful lot you can say about it other than that. Hardly a head-turner....But a decent-enough polish. Admittedly I've now sellotaped it into oblivion but it's very likeable. If it were a person it would be...Princess Anne.

So, who's planning to feature any or all of the following?

A a bridal-type mani
B a patriotic mani
C a "Will you shut up about the bleedin' wedding?" mani

I'm thinking B or C. Not sure yet. Maybe both.



  1. I'm going for B :)

    This looks nicer on you than it did on me, what did you think of the brush?

  2. Beautiful color i got some sort of same color from NYC..

  3. Haha I'm going for a B, Union Jacks :D (if they turn out okay that is, I'm halfway through right now...) Thanks for the pic of Bared I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over it for a while but think I'll give it a miss- had enough of nudes etc for the while! xx

  4. I am going for C. Friday morning I will paint scones on my toe nails. That polish you have on reminds me of Ginger's sparkly dress she would always seem to find while she was marooned on Gilligan's Island.

  5. I'll be doing Butter London No More Waity, Katie. I was a big royal watcher back when Lady Di came on the scene but am now so out of touch that I didn't even know they were calling this bride-to-be Waity Katie. I do love purple and glitter, though, so of course I had to get the polish.

  6. Lovely sparkle! I'm wasn't planning patriotic/royal themed nails. But a bridal one sounds quite interesting. I'll probably be bored of it within a few hours, but it might be fun to have a go :)xx

  7. Thanks for all the comments. Brighter stuff to come.