Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Small haul...looking rather boringly beige....

Just because...

This is Bared. Hope that sparkle translates to the nail. Or there'll be tears before bedtime.
  • Contradiction 30ml. I love this.
  • IsaDora Apricot - a Swedish (?) brand, new to me, probably very sheer, I shall let you know
  • Boots 17 Bared
  • Astor Mattitude - SPF 22 - 22? I thought SPFs came in multiples of 5. What's with 22? Bonkers. Hope this works because my skin's as greasy as bacon. Nice.
  • Barry M Nail Effects- the pink one is meant to be popular, but not in my crappy little town
  • Boots 17 Sphinx - I am already regretting this as it's too cool and (frankly) boring
  • Mavala Nail Polish Remover - Boots only had 3 bottles of polish remover in the entire SHOP! Is this to make us buy the expensive brands? Well, I'm a sucker. This WAS expensive but it is more effective than the cheapo stuff I habitually buy.
  • And a Hard Skin Remover because I dropped my beloved pumice stone and shattered it

Off to paint my naked nails. I'm on twitter now so I'm busier than ever. So many competitions! So little time!

A bientot


  1. Bared is lovely and shimmery, I posted it a while ago but my crappy photography skills couldn't capture it. And yay for pink crackle, I caved and got it too, want the blue now...

  2. Bared looks lovely, I hope the shimmer shows, it looks great in the bottle. Can't wait to see the pink crackle, I keep meaning to pick this up, but it is always sold out when I remember to look for it! xxx