Saturday, 16 April 2011

Not so much nails... me posting something for the hell of it...
Oh, Models Own Champagne was the right answer for yesterday. How I love that polish.

 I absolutely loathe all this wedding shenanigans but have to admit this set is cute.

Reasons NOT to be cheerful about the RW
  • I suspect my taxes are paying for a lot of this. Boo.
  • I don't even like the Royal Family. (I respect the Queen as she seems to be fairly hard-working but that's the best I can say about them.)
  • It gives a false idea of marriage - it's not all about the dress and the champagne and the photographs
  • All the RWs seem to be blighted by subsequent death, doom and disaster (only a slight exaggeration)
  • It makes the rest of the world think we're a nation of half-wits - ogling at some daffy couple who are probably intrinsically slightly less interesting and amusing than a jar of boiled sweets
Only good thing about it
It will probably be very well organised and a logistical triumph unlike 2012 (Olympics, yeah) which I just KNOW is going to be shockingly bad. Do watch 'TwentyTwelve' on BBC. It's a hoot. Hee hee.

Oh, you'll now need some reasons to BE cheerful.
  • Sunshine
  • So many polishes out there calling your name
  • Dr Who starts again soon
  • You don't live in a war-zone (unless you do and then I wish you good fortune)
Do you like the little toyset or do you not?


  1. At least we get a bank holiday! :) xx

  2. Cute set; the dog is my favorite part.

  3. Pointless exercise in wasting money, but my peers say that I'm not allowed to say that because I'm not British :P At least there's a day off? Though I heard it messed around our GCSE schedule a bit. mrrrgh.

  4. Although I live in an ex-colony, the wedding does not excite me.

    I get no holiday so... Ummm

    But the set is kinda cute, I wouldnt say know if it were given to me but I would NEVER pay for it

  5. i hate all the tat around the royal wedding but this is, i have got to admit, soooooooo cute xx