Sunday, 17 April 2011

Models Own Lili's Pink

Yuk. This colour is just awful on me. 2 coats. I'm the problem. Not the polish. I wore it 'as is' last night and all the women of my age were wearing plain pink nail polish. I felt so old. I'm not doing that again. So I tried to funk it up. Don't know which was worse. The original or the 'improvements'. Gloom. Gloom.

Just see where a hole punch and some sticky labels gets ya...

Upcoming will be some 2True polishes, Nubar Wildlife, Benefit Dr Feelgood and a trio of Models Own.

Your most shocking mani?



  1. I like it! I am not sure about the finish of you think its a bit weird/grainy?

    I don't think I have ever done a shocking mani......oh wait you mean 'bad' right? In that case im sure there are MANY! x

  2. What are you on about? This looks hot, especially with the little crackle circles - most original way yet! May have to steal that idea :P

    Also loving this new angle of photo taking.

  3. The finish is weird because I used crackle polishes. It doesn't work. And the holes are too big. Yep, shocking means bad in a bad way.

    Lena, I'll try and sort out my angles. Tbh it was a 'couldn't care less' casual angle but if it works....

  4. Before reading your post i had this nail polish on my wishlist, but after reading the [ost i decided that i don't want it anymore because i dont like the shimmer, so you've saved me £5, thank you :D