Thursday, 7 April 2011

Not quite an outright fail so much as a partial success.....

Not so good
  • The tape-strips weren't of equal width because I was too lazy to be particular with the cutting thereof. What else is new?
  • The silver crackle didn't crackle properly on 2 of the nails. Maybe I didn't apply enough?

Acceptable aspects
  • Kinda messy and decaying vibe to it which fits with the Toxic Nature theme
  • Not so bad IRL
  • Can make the nails look more slender if you have pudgy paws as I do
  • Oh, dead easy to do
  • The BB Couture Top Rock topcoat is very shiny
How often do you use tape to mask off areas of the nail and do a bit of "art"?
  1. Too fiddly
  2. Don't like the effect
  3. I've done this a lot and it works really well for me
  4. It's just one of a huge range of techniques I use


  1. The stripes look great!
    I like to tape bits off, but I normally only do it when I'm too lazy to take off my polish and I have tip wear! I've seen some awesome designs done with tape I would love to try, but I'm always getting in a mess with the tape and accidentely getting the tape stuck on still drying nails, disastrous! :)

  2. Me too, Gem. That's exactly what happens to me.

  3. I think it has turned out looking good even if the effect was unintended!

  4. I just got the silver W7 crackle and now I wish I got the white as well. Damn you!