Monday, 4 April 2011

A kinda twist on Illamasqua quills...

Humour me here, OK?

I would SO love those quills. But at £35? What am I? Stupid? Unfortunately I got the colours the wrong way round with my mani but you live and learn. Next time. Plus I don't have long talons. Other than that it's a total success. Ahem.

OK, let's say you got the Illamasqua quills as a gift. Would you be:

thrilled - your hints were duly noted
appalled - why would anyone think you wanted THESE!? Do they not know you?
indifferent - waste of money. Now who do you know who'd want them? Can you sell them?



  1. thos mani look so cute!!
    if i got it as a gift i will be indifferent, hahah
    because i'll never used it

  2. I think this looks really nice. I'm not big on nail art, or crackle, as you know, but I do like this.

    Quills? *shudders* Not for me. They make me think of dirty old men with long thumbnails. No thanks.
    I prefer the Toxic Nature ones to these but still - if I ever ended up with a set, rest assured they would rapidly wing their way over to you.

  3. This looks lovely! :)
    I wouldn't pay a lot of money for the nail quills, but I do think they are a great idea. I'd probably rip my whole finger off if I caught it on something though! :s

  4. So who is buying them? I expect to see them on sale as nobody has ever expressed any great enthusiasm. As far as I know....

  5. If I got the quills, I would be puzzled. And then, after I tried them, I would probably be sporting several bandages and perhaps an eye patch, as I'd no doubt gouge myself immediately.