Monday, 25 April 2011

Tips with 2true shade 1

A partial remediation of an abysmal effort at French tips. Not so much "French" as the back end of some downtown rundown colonial French outpost in the middle of nowhere. Algeria? In the spirit of PC I would now like to apologise to all Algerians everywhere. They're probably a bit too busy right now to spend any time agonising over my lame (and utterly uninformed) insults however so I just may get away with it.


I was due for a fail. I estimate my success rate at about 25% maximum. How could I get this so badly wrong? It's only sellotape! Just too much of a rush. But I didn't even get it straight. MUST DO BETTER.

Should only people with immaculate nails and perfect application techniques publish their photos to the net? Is it a discourtesy to readers (if any) to display photos of dodgy manis?

To conclude:
What is the relative importance to you of pictures and text? I'd say a ratio of 4P:7T whereby I'll gladly accept less than superlative pictures if the text entertains and informs. (Sounds like the mission statement of the BBC).



  1. Perfection is overrated. I appreciate people who share their missteps. Besides, what seems a fail to one person might not to another. Back when I taught a class on color and design in a quilt shop, I brought in what I thought was the ugliest quilt top I'd ever made as an example of what not to do. I stopped using it when more than one student told me they liked it; my ugly was their cheerful and homespun.

    As far as words/pictures, I must have some words or I wander off--words engage me with the person behind the pictures, and if I don't have that, I might as well just look at press releases.

  2. I agree with what KarenD says! I like to see what different people can come up with and if it's not perfect it doesn't matter! I'd rather see non-perfect nails and read text about the person creating them than just see perfect nail swatches with no text except to say it was 2 coats and dried quickly.

    I really like the pink tips over the gold shimmer, it doesn't matter if it's straight, it still looks great :) I always think that I move my hands so much when I talk that people won't notice minor imperfections like that anyway :) xxx

  3. I like it, not a fail at all.
    Imperfections aren't bothersome to me, if I wanted perfect I'd read a magazine.