Monday, 11 April 2011

China Glaze White Cap + blog sale reminder

Over CC Orange Revenge and over the First Mate gradient mani.
Weird that it's so white in the bottle but turns out golden on the nail. At this magnification it looks like tiny flakies. I suppose the eye don't lie...

I love how this works as a layering polish. I only have a mini bottle and I can see me getting a full-size. Unless someone can recommend a cheaper UK alternative? Any ideas?

I desperately wanted to reduce the orange to peach but the Color Club is powerful stuff. The force is strong in this one and I didn't soften it as much as I wanted but I am still loving the White Cap.



  1. hi friend! loving the glaze! I must say I am impressed with the gradiated blue layout for today. Did you do less coats to achieve that fab varnish?

  2. Haha if you find a cheaper UK alternative please tell me! I love White Cap :D xx

  3. Woman do your blog sale alreadyyyyyy. I CAN'T WAIT.

  4. Typical, I only have £5 in my PayPal. Urgh. Must rectify that -.-

  5. Fewer coats? No. The blue was a sort of mish-mash. It can be quite hard to get paler shades to give adequate coverage.

    I've been Looking in my stash for alternatives, EG. I'll let ya know.

    Lena, I could put stuff aside for you?

  6. Ooh this is pretty, it looks completely different over the different colours. Very nice! :)
    A blog sale you say, I must prepare myself for not going overboard with purchases :P