Thursday, 14 April 2011

Charlotte's Web silver rings

Two new rings. Both silver as I'm hideously allergic to lots of other metals. Both adjustable because I couldn't be bothered to measure my index fingers and size them properly. With turquoise. But you knew that. I found this website by googling 'fair trade silver ring'. I try to buy fair trade whenever I can. Oh, and I love the book by EB White. I cried at the end and I'm hard, let me tell ya, hard as the proverbial nails. But I cried! Great service. Fast delivery.

This female is sporting an enchantingly entitled 'cow bag'. The clothing is not very 'me' (but then what DOES suit a tubby little dwarf?) but I do like the jewellery. And the bag.

I now realise some of the blog sale purchasers may be worried about parting with their cash using the paypal Personal Gift method. If you've any doubts about me I have an ebay identity. It's jayannlay. I have 100% feedback for 200+ transactions. The 'gift' is to reduce my charges. Not for me to rip people off. I once sold some expensive shoes on ebay and they didn't arrive so I refunded the entire amount to the purchaser. They still haven't turned up after 18 months! But then I suppose that's what the con artists DO say. So check my feedback.

As of this moment I have gmailed all purchasers and received 2 payments. I'd like to post them all out tomorrow but no worries if I have to wait a wee while before payment. Thanks to everyone for their prompt responses and general efficiency.


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  1. I love those rings, silver and turquoise always looks fantastic. The detail on the silver is really pretty and fairtrade all the better! :)