Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pink Wednesday - er, NOT - 2true Fast Dry Shade 1

I'm not a Pink Wednesday-er. Got nothing against it. Just hate committing to things. No way I could guarantee always to wear pink on a particular day.
2 coats of lusciousness. This is my 3rd 2true polish. OMG these are fabulous. So glossy and highly-pigmented. I never trust "quick dry" claims and put them to the test by prodding at my nails but I think it probably IS fairly quick to dry. These are lush!

There are 9 shades in this range. I now have 6 and even though the remaining 3 are not unusual colours I'm going to get them because the texture/finish is so good.

Choose one shop. Superdrug or Boots?



  1. i am so happyyy :0) i was waiting for someone to review this. i was hoping this would be darker, more fuschia and less barbie pink but never mind: i'd say perfect shade for doing some nail art as well. *hoping you bought the blue one now*
    thank you so much for posting

  2. Superdrug, especially as they're going to bring out the loyalty card. The only thing that really keeps me shopping at Boots is the vouchers and the rewards, basically, but Superdrug have the rewards covered.

  3. Oo, yeah. The loyalty card. Must get! Must go to the Birmingham branch occasionally for a wider choice too.

    liloo, will try to swatch the blue ASAP. This brand is such a great find! So cheap too!

  4. Superdrug - it's BUAV Approved and Boots isn't! xx

  5. Thanks, Emma. I didn't know about BUAV but I do now. Thanks to you.

  6. Wow, looks great! Actually quick drying is a major bonus. I haven't tried these polishes, but I love the 2true cheek and lip tint.
    Difficult choice - I used to always say Superdrug was better, but my local ones are rubbish, so I normally just go into Boots now because it's about 4 times the size and the Superdrug displays are always destroyed :/

  7. Ah, the old messy Superdrug problem...

    I'm torn, I really am.

  8. Superdrug is much better! They stock more brands that are not tested on animals and their own range like Emma said is BUAV approved :)