Saturday, 9 April 2011

China Glaze First Mate gradient mani

Hm, First Mate au naturel on the little finger and then white added to attempt a gradient mani. But I got the balance wrong so, if the digits go 12345 where 1 is the thumb, digits 4 and 3 are either too close to call or even the 'wrong way round'. Look, I know what I mean!

I really don't wear a lot of blue but this polish is a nice, dirty shade. Looks a bit royal/French blue in my pic. This is my blending method (below) and I can't recommend it really. Just put drops of polish on a plastic lid and try to blend them...Nah. It's not as streaky IRL as it looks here btw.

Please give me any tips. I don't want to franken a whole bottle but I hope there's a better way than I've figured out.

The orange splodge is where I tried to do an orange gradient on the other hand but the consistency was dire so that is plain orange (almost) as you will see tomorrow.

Any advice on blending shades/frankening that doesn't involve sacrificing a whole bottle (and I only have a mini of First Mate in any case)? Thanks.



  1. hi
    this looks nice, i do see what you mean about it being streaky but it doesnt look that bad, i havent tried this yet but its next on my list and ive seen that people use paper and loads of nail polish does get wasted but ive got this dappen dish with a lid and im going to mix it in there so then i shut the lid hopefully to prevent it from drying out so i can use it again, dont know if it works but im sure its worth a try if youve got one, also what did you mix it with, try mixing it with a dotting tool if you didnt, it might blend better.
    ps. what silver crackle did you use on your thumb it looks awesome

  2. You should have just let the picture explain! I don't think it looks bad, though. I especially like the crackle. What's the name of the brand?

    I don't think there are many more efficient ways to do it, most people seem do it on a bit of plastic or something similar.

  3. W7 Earthquake Silver.

    Thanks, peeps. I hate wasting polish so I'll have to stick with this (rubbish) method or not do it at all...